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Here are testimonials from some of our valued customers...


When it came to stocking our syndicate lakes we exhaustively researched which of the UK's many fish breeders could give us the quality of stock that our rich waters deserved. Our requirements were stretching to say the least, but in Paul's fish we found exactly what we were looking for as they are stunningly beautiful fish with superb scale patterns on the mirrors, excellent body shape that promised both good growth rates and maximum weight attainment. Straight after the first stocking we immediately placed a further order as we were that impressed with the quality of his fish and are looking forward to his next delivery later this year. In the 9 months since the first stocking our carp are now, on average, over 3lbs up on their stocking weights and the feedback from our members has been very positive with regards to the beauty of these fish.


The only reason we have for NOT recommending these fish to anybody else is that we want all of his future stock for ourselves!”


Tony & James, Medway Valley Fisheries


Paul supplied me with some of the best carp I've seen for Bayeswater lakes. I only had small fish, up to about 2lb but they have grown on excellently in the time I've had the lakes. Most are now doubles some over 15lb. This isn't big, but as many of the anglers who visit my lakes will testify they are awesome looking fish. I've seen people who said they don't photograph anything under 20lb taking photos of 12 pounders, because they are such good lookers.


I must say I've been very, very impressed with these fish and will be buying more in the near future.”

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Gary Bayes


With the lake and its indigenous fish stocks dating back to the late eighteenth century it was imperative that any future stocking of carp was in keeping with the rich carp fishing heritage associated with Braxted Park.


To that end, we were extremely impressed with the quality of the fish on offer from ECF, it was important to us that the fish introduced were very much in keeping with existing stock. We took delivery of our first consignment in November 2006 and were so impressed that we have since committed ourselves to a 5-year stocking programme.


Apart from the impressive size of the fish for their year class, it is their distinctive scaling and body shape that has impressed us most. In conclusion, we are now safe in the knowledge that the next generation of Braxted carp will not only be big, beautiful and healthy, but will also help to protect and secure our rich carp fishing legacy for future generations to come.”

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Simon Mullins, Braxted Park Estate Fisheries


I am currently running Sundridge Lakes syndicate in Kent. I was introduced to Paul last year when I needed some advice on stock levels in the two lakes. From the outset Paul was professional and efficient. After much discussion and thought we stocked some 100 fish over two sessions. Both operations were well planned and I was given detailed information of what was needed on his arrival. On each occasion we had no problems at all. The fish were in perfect condition. At the time I noticed that all the fish looked like thoroughbreds, and they have since proved me right. They have all put on substantial growth and have made a difference to the whole fishery. I am talking to Paul about other waters.”

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Neil Leaver, Sundridge Lake Fishery